Friday, April 13, 2018

Dividend Income - March 2018

Hi Everyone,

The months are rolling by in 2018!  Having a child sure does seem to speed things up.  I'm not sure if it is the constant state of busyness that you are in or the fact that you keep such close track of time (1 month old, 2 months, 3 months, etc) that makes things move fast but let me tell you - time flies!

All the more reason to stay frugal, save, and invest those extra savings each month into quality dividend paying stocks.  Then, all of a sudden you start receiving checks and life is good!!

So without further adieu the March 2018 dividend income report:

V             $22.35
XOM      $44.66
UVE       $14.57
TAP        $11.89
O            $40.20
VHT       $13.73
FTSE      $61.93
PEP        $34.56

TOTAL:   $243.89

Solid month in March!  This was a gain of $139 from last March.  The gains came from new positions in XOM, TAP, O and VHT.  Increases in dividends/payouts from UVE, V, FTSE and PEP. 

V had a phenomenal growth rate of 28.5% due to reinvesting a dividend increases!

FTSE is a 401K position that increased $20 or 50% from last year.  Just goes to show that maxing out the 401K is really paying off!  Like I have mentioned numerous times before, this is one of 6 401K holdings I have and I would surmise that all of them had at least $20 gains in payouts but the funds automatically reinvest them without giving out dividends/capital gains.

It will be a quiet April with regards to income as I have just 3 companies that payout.  However, O is a true power house in the portfolio now and $40 of income each month really goes a long way in increasing each monthly total!  I wish all stocks paid monthly...

Hope everyone had a great March!

Maybe the weather will finally break here in the mid - atlantic and we will get some nice weather in April!  Winter has held on long enough, I'm ready for the sunshine, warm weather and being outdoors more!



  1. Nice dream. Congrats. That o pay.ent is ao close to dripping an additional share a month!

    1. yes, hope to get it to over 1 share a month soon! fun to watch that one grow month to month!

  2. The weather is very annoying. I need it to break soon, becasue I'm getting pretty darn tired of the cold, rain, and snow. Where is this season called "spring" that they are always telling us about? Regardless, congrats on the AMAZING month. That dividend growth rate is insane and you are really starting to feel the impact of each purchase and subsequent DRIP. Keep up the great work and keep on enjoying time with your little one.


    1. I hear ya Bert, unfortunately its supposed to dip back down into the 30s for me in Maryland tomorrow/monday/tuesday. Winter is still holding strong! I can't imagine how brutal its been up there for you guys.

      The growth rate will slow considerably next year, due to the fact that all our money is in the market already but its fun to watch this year!

      Our little guy is doing really well right now and its fun to come home and see that big smile every night. Just wish I found FIRE sooner (aka when i was 10) and could spend more time with him!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Nice income and great growth rate too from last year. I hear you about time flying by fast. Seems like baby DivHut was born a short while ago and now he's a running, talking, playing machine. Enjoy it as much as you can.

    1. Believe me, I am certainly enjoying every minute of it! The thing that gets me is the snuggling and the laughs and smiles right now. My brother is 12 years younger than me and watching him act out during is teenage years towards my parents makes me appreciate this time with my son that much more. Knowing that in the future he wont snuggle or laugh so easily with everything I do makes me enjoy it that much more!

      Thanks for commenting! You are doing real well over at Divhut! Keep up the good work