Sunday, August 5, 2018

Dividend Income - July 2018

Hi Everyone!

July was a busy month for us in the American Dividend Dream household.  Our baby boy started crawling!  So much fun to watch him explore and figure things out.  Just yesterday he finally learned how to get down from a standing position.  Before that it was either fall down or cry until someone put him down. 

We drove to Maine for a wedding and our boy did great!  As a heads up for anyone driving the east coast - DO NOT drive through CONNECTICUT.  That state sucks for traffic!  We stayed overnight in CT on the way up but on the way back we drove 12 hours straight home.  A few stops but our boy only cried for the last ten minutes.  I think he woke up from his third nap and was saying "holy crap this is a nightmare - I'm still stuck in the damn car!"  The wedding was great and it was nice for my wife to see her side of the family which usually only happens once or twice a year.

In the financial world, stocks had a pretty nice comeback from the previous months.  I continue to sell holdings and buy CVS stocks.  Position size is over $20,000 now.  One position I sold was BIIB after the huge jump for positive Alzheimer's results.  It was only phase II so there is still a long way to go.  Will I regret this in the future if phase III is positive and the stock doubles in no time - sure, but I'm happy with the gain and CVS provides me with good risk/reward plus dividends!

As for dividends, lets see how this month stacked up...