Monday, September 4, 2017

Dividend Income August 2017

Hi Everyone,

Overall a pretty solid month of income due to our OHI holdings.  This past month we received a total of $382.75!

ABT:  $4.02

VZ:  $74.90

OHI:  $303.83

The amazing thing about DRIP when you have a large position in a company that routinely raises the dividend every quarter and has a high starting yield is the increase in dividends every quarter.

In February, our OHI holding was bringing in a total of $283.27.  May's total was $293.58 and now this month at $303.83.

From the beginning of the year till now, we are picking up an additional $20 per quarter and are buying over 10 shares  more each quarter as long as the share price stays around the $30 level.

In an update from last month, the move to buying more healthcare related stocks seems to be paying off.  VHT, CELG, BIIB are all up nicely from where they were purchased. 

If I had to make a prediction going into next month, my UVE stock will go down.  If hurricane Irma does not impact Florida, this could present a buying opportunity for investors out there.  They are continuing to reduce their exposure to Florida and seem to be running on all cylinders.  Hopefully a hurricane Harvey situation does not happen and if so, insurance claims won't impact operations that much.

With that said, my heart goes out to all of the victims who were affected by Harvey.  The pictures are truly astonishing and I cannot begin to imagine how it must feel to lose everything. 

How was your August?