Hi Everyone,

This page will host my goals for each year.  I will try and make realistic goals that are achievable yet challenging enough that will push my wife and I to stay the course.

  • Read at least 2 stock books - I liked this goal from last year so I'm keeping it.
  • Invest over $45K - This should be doable.
  • Receive over $6,500 in dividends   -   $2000 more than last year.  This will be toughest goal since not much investing in beginning of the year.  Will our investments towards middle and end make up for the delay?  Stay tuned to find out!
  • Travel - Costa Rica needs to happen!
  • New Credit Card - Opened up one at the end of last year and just received the bonus points - looking to use these for trip to Costa Rica!
  • Read at least 2 Stock books - PASSED! - Well, one was a real estate book but since I am looking to get into rental properties at some point, close enough
  • Save as much as possible - open ended because we want to try and travel which could drive up expenses. - PASSED!
  • Receive at least $4,500 in dividends. - PASSED!  - Came right down to the last month but just made it by $4,674!
  • Have forward dividends in Dec of at least $5,250. - FAILED!  - Not enough investments at the end of the year to pass this goal.
  • Pay for 10+% of expenses with passive income. - FAILED!  - Bought a truck - Stupid.
  • Connect more with other bloggers.  Comment and be proactive with my blog and others. - MEDIOCRE - This could have been better.  Stellar year with posts, but not much substance behind them and not nearly enough follow through at the end of the year.
  • Write at least 2 blogs per month:  - MEDIOCRE - Total posts blew past 24, but could have been better.
    • 1 will be dividend income for the previous month
    • 1 will be a life update/how thing are going/random posting
    • Any additional posts could include stock purchases/sells

I didn't have many personal goals for 2014 mainly because it was a pretty hectic year with our wedding and friends weddings.  My main goal was just to enjoy life and I'd say we did that! 
Financial goals I had come up with:
  • Receive $1500 in dividend income for the year - PASSED!!  $2,766.66 Total
  • Pay for 4% of expenses - PASSED!!  By the skin of my teeth, 4.01% 
    • Even after paying for a wedding, honeymoon, extra payments on the mortgage and student loans, new 60" TV, trips out of town for other weddings I am quite happy with this number. 

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  1. Man, your journey seems fantastic! I will follow your blog.