Sunday, November 18, 2018

Dividend Income - October 2018

Hi Everyone,

The year end is almost here!  Holidays are right around the corner, cooler weather and in fact we had our first snow of the season already.  CVS stock is performing as expected so things are going really well financially! 

My personal life has become a nightmare, unfortunately.  For the long time readers here, you know that my wife and I adopted our first child and we were contacted in April of this year to adopt the second child of the same couple.  Well, the couple had the child a week ago and have told us they want to parent this child.  Our hearts and minds were crushed - still are.  For us, this is a similar situation as a miscarriage/still birth - at the nine month mark.  To have your car packed, suitcases ready, crib/nursery set up and then have the carpet ripped out from under you is a tough pill to swallow.  We pray for the child.  We pray for the family. We pray for ourselves.  Its been tough, really tough. 

So with all that out of the way, lets get down to the dividend income:

O  --  $41.64
MO  --  $22.67
CSCO  --  $57.07
M.M.  --  $1.55

Total:  $122.93

A pretty small month, but still better than last year by a whooping $2.50!

November should be a huge month for me.  CVS and OHI dividends hit!  I continue to believe CVS short term will hit $100 a share.  Long term 3-5 years its a $200 stock.  Hopefully the stock holds around $80 for a while longer as I might have some extra cash laying around at the start of next year (due to failed adoption) that I can put to work.

Thanks for reading, hope things are going well.  Happy Thanksgiving!