Wednesday, May 16, 2018

WE ADOPTED A CHILD!!!! - Part Three - Expenses...

Hi Everyone,

This is a post that some of you might have been wanting now for a few months.  The reason it has taken so long is that the Adoption Agency finally got us the expense report.

Fair warning, this is going to be rough for the frugal crowd who reads this blog.  It was rough for me to comprehend that our hard earned dollars were going to uber rides and poor budgeting and I like to think I'm not that frugal compared to most readers.  So lets get right into the numbers:

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Dividend Income - April 2018

Hi Everyone,

Four months in the books and its time for the Dividend Update!  These posts serve as a reminder that even though we may not have much in the market right now, every little bit of income counts! 

Short month in regards to companies paying us but that is okay!  We still managed to have a $10 increase from last years April even after selling off a portion of our CSCO position to fund other things.

The big increases we are seeing right now are all related to the 401K.  I am putting in over $900 per paycheck to maximize that faster in order to receive full paychecks at the end of the year when we will need it the most.  More on that in a future post! 

Furthermore, when my wife worked for Amedisys their company match was all in company stock.  Well, their stock is hitting new highs day after day it seems like - even today on a 200 point down day for the DOW - the stock was positive.  So, the position is pushing her 401K to new highs day after day which is fun to see.  I have most of her 401K in S&P 500 but 20% now in AMED.  This is an account that I don't look at but maybe once a month so its fun to see it continue to grow with no additional input from her.

With that said, lets get to the report...

O            $40.46
CSCO    $56.21
M.M.     $1.08

TOTAL:   $97.75

Its fun to watch O grow month after month through reinvestment - .26 cents more that just last month.

May should be a banner month with OHI paying as well as new positions opened since last year.  OHI had a decent earnings and the stock has performed well so I'll be reinvesting the dividend again.  This position is growing quite large but I'm monitoring it constantly and if it can get up over $30 I will feel much more confident about it.  More to come next month on that!

Hope everyone had a great April!