Monday, February 12, 2018

Dividend Income - January 2018

Hi Everyone,

Quick post as being a new dad is tough and we are remodeling our bathroom right now.  We only had a shower pan in the bathroom because the previous owner was an old lady and could not lift her leg over the bathtub wall.  Anyways, this past weekend I ripped that shower out put the new tub in.  New plumbing, water lines, sheetrock all around, it was exhausting and rewarding all at the same time.  Just need to tile the floor this coming weekend and put back the toilet and vanity and then things are looking up!  The mundane and difficult task of spackle awaits me the following weekend.  But now, on to the reason why you clicked...

PEP  --  $34.56
O  --  $38.68
CSCO  --  $88.52
M.M.  --  .53

Total:  $162.29

A relatively weak month but O's monthly check will be much needed in the months to come.  The portfolio has been hammered much harder than the market recently.  OHI & O are really hurting the portfolio but the dividends will roll in the month and hopefully by stock at these cheaper prices.  One can only hope!

Hope everyone had a nice January!