Sunday, December 16, 2018

Dividend Income - November 2018

Hi Everyone!

Another month in the books and one more month till 2019.  It has been an absolute whirl wind for my family over the past month.  Very similar to the markets...

Our largest position, CVS is performing pretty much as expected although there has been some issues regarding a federal judge.

With the markets in such turmoil, our REITs have been performing nicely - people leaving growth and moving more defensive I suppose.  OHI has really been on a tear recently which has been nice to see. 

So lets get to the numbers, shall we!

CVS  --  $327.36
SKT  -- $33.39
OHI -- $171.58
O     --  $41.81
BTI  --  $24.44
M.M.  --  $1.27

TOTAL  --  $599.85

Guys, that is a huge total for me!!  I practically doubled my total from last year and CVS is the heavy hitter. I'm not sure what the market is going to do tomorrow or the next month or the next year but as long as the dividends keep rolling in, I'm happy!! 

I will say, now that the market was unable to hold the S&P 2600 level, I think we could see further downside.  If the market falls below the 52 week low, I think it is watch out below.  This is not the worst thing in the world for dividend growth investors though.  A lot of companies will sell for good multiples again (like some already are) and the dividends will start to stack up quick. 

Good luck to everyone out there and Merry Christmas!