Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Dividend Income - January 2015 Update

Hi Everyone,

It's that time again when I get to post about a favorite topic of mine, dividends!  I hope this post inspires other investors out there to start saving and investing as soon as they can.  The power you feel knowing that you are richer than you were yesterday and you didn't have to work for it is a wonderful feeling.  With that being said, lets get down to the numbers:

Another great month of income!  This months total came in at $224.51 which is 189% more than this time last year and 16% more than last quarter!!

January Dividend Income:
  • KMB - 16.09
  • PEP - 27.14
  • PM - 77.53
  • O - 8.42
  • FITB - 10.80
  • PSEC - 55.37
  • GE - 26.47
  • Money Market - .07
  • Bonds - 1.10 & 1.52
Total:  224.51

Jump over to my dividend income page to see the increases month after month.  There is also a nice chart on that page for all you visual learners out there.  On that page, you can easily see dividend income investing at work which hopefully one day will be greater than our expenses and that's what we like to call The American Dividend Dream!  Check out our complete portfolio here updated on 2/3/2015.

Looking out in 2015, I'm thinking of adding some more GLP another healthcare (perhaps DGX or GILD or more OHI) and WAGE which I talked about previously.

How was your January?  What are you looking to add in the New Year?



  1. Some pretty strong dividends there ADD. You've got a fairly sizeable PSEC position - I'd imagine we'll see those dividends drop once the payment decreases this coming month. I exited my position after the decline. Just trying to remove some of the risk from my portfolio and focus on more core positions.

    Should be a great year after this start!

    1. Yes, those will fall to around $43 but that is still a good chunk of change. Their earnings report seems to be pretty good that was just released now that their Net Investment Income will cover the dividend payments going forward. Hopefully the stock will trend upwards towards its NAV price of $10.35 and all of the bad news is priced into the stock already. In the meantime, I'll keep reinvesting the dividends into the company to bring down the cost basis. Hopefully by reinvesting at a depressed price now will lead to better gains in the future.

      I'm actively trying to diversify into more companies that pay increasing dividends year after year to lower the percentage of PSEC in my portfolio.

      I can't wait to see the rest of the year! Just hope it does not go by too fast

  2. Congrats on a great month of dividends. My Jan dividends was about the same amount, but 1st month in the quarter is my best month because of high weight in stocks like GE, MO and PM. Looking forward to seeing your Feb numbers.

    1. I noticed your MO position and that was one company I have missed out on. It was actually one of my first purchases back in 2010 but I sold it because I thought it was too slow of a grower. I went after "high flying" stocks that I didn't trade to well on. Lesson learned, dividend growth stocks are the way for me. As long as you manage your income later in life, it won't be hard to smooth it out over the other 2 months.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. ADD,

    Congrats on the great start to the year. Excellent YOY growth as well.

    We have a few stocks in common. Glad to be a fellow shareholder. PM is treating us especially kindly. :)

    Keep it up!

    Best regards.

    1. Thanks for commenting DM. I was certainly blessed over the past year to be able to put so much money to work and I am now reaping the benefits.

      PM is doing great with regards to bringing in current income but hopefully the dollar starts going down soon or those dividends might start to become less of a sure thing. We shall see how it goes.

      Talk to you later!

  4. Great way to start off the year! Was any of it from the previous year that was credited in January?

    1. Thanks Evan

      None of this income was rolled over from last year. Everything you see here is what I earned in January. February is looking good too so continue to stop by and watch the magic happen!

    2. Thanks Evan

      None of this income was rolled over from last year. Everything you see here is what I earned in January. February is looking good too so continue to stop by and watch the magic happen!

  5. Awesome dividend income for the month and growth as well. I see quite a few names in common between your dividend payers for the month and my dividend payers as well. Thanks for sharing and look forward to your next update.

    1. Thanks for stopping by DivHut. With so many great companies that consistently raise dividends, we were bound to have a few, just glad I've got a fellow shareholder viewing my blog! Hopefully our investments continue to pay dividends in the future.