Thursday, February 5, 2015

401K Update - February 2015

Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well.  I continue to embrace the blogging community and I continue to love it.  Just a quick post tonight about my 401K Portfolio.  I said that I would post about the 401K when big changes were made and I'm happy to say, BIG changes were made!  This past year my company changed the way we receive our company match.  It used to be we received up to a 6% company match.  Now, throughout the year we receive 3% company match and then a bonus of 2% at the end of the year.  Well, my 2% hit the account on Monday!  My portfolio now looks like this:
As of 2/3/2015:

At the present time, I view my 401K Portfolio as an added bonus to my path to financial independence.  The overall goal of my investing journey is to retire at an age much younger than most which is why I am mostly invested in a taxable account.  I need to be able to retrieve those funds and more importantly, the dividends that are generated to support our family when the time comes.  I call my 401K an added bonus because from what I have read, I cannot touch that money until at least age 55 (depending on stipulations that I may or may not be able to take part in) but most likely 59.5 without incurring penalties.  Therefore, this money will sit in my account just compounding away for the next 32.5 Years!

Combining both my 401K and my taxable account, I hold roughly $112,500 in investments!

This is an increase of $12,500 from my last post in January!! 



  1. Nothing like free money! You've been able to get quite a bit put to work over the last month. Best of luck to you as you continue building your portfolios!

    1. Yup, gotta love free money. I'd much rather have that 2% be spread out over the entire year so the effects of compounding is more extreme but oh well. The reason my company does the 2% now is because every employee gets it. Before, you had to be enrolled in a 401K plan to receive the company matching and with savings so low in our country, the company that this would be good for the low wage earners... Which I can agree with, but why not spread it out?

      Either way at least its free! Thanks for posting.

  2. Do not cut the 401K short. It reduced your taxes and grows tax free. That is a huge ROI right away. MAX IT OUT.

    You will see as you get older, that money will be a key. You can always do a 72(t) plan to withdrawal it.

    1. I will look into the 72(t) early withdrawal rule and see what happens. My only issue is that my 401K is very limited to what I can choose. I really enjoy having the money available to invest into individual companies. Perhaps I might not beat the market, but I do have fun being my own broker.

      Thanks for commenting