Friday, July 15, 2016

Dividend Income - May 2016 Update

Hi Everyone,

My apologies to everyone stopping by and expecting new material here at the site. 

It has been a hectic two months.  My mother in law was living with us for 1.5 months, work was nuts, my grandfather was having medical issues so he needed extra care for.  His basement flooded and we opened up his pool/took care of lingering maintenance around his place.  Continuing the excuses, we took a long weekend to the beach, we planted a vegetable garden and did spring cleaning on all the windows, doors, garage, basement, you name it.  And finally, the best of all...  we were just trying to live life.  Bike rides/walks/spending time with friends who just had babies, you name it, we probably did it. 

Unfortunately for the readers out there, the blog takes back seat to living. 

After the "My wife is awesome post" below, I'd like her as well as you all out there know that those particular investments are up over $1,000 in less than two months!  If we sold now, it would have taken 35 years to make that in interest from the bank.  If that alone does not give you proof that you should invest, I don't know what will.  Granted, the market could have collapsed over 2 months, but then again we would still have that $1,000 of dividends every year to make up for it.  I'm still a believer of investing!

Any way, lets get down to the numbers....

This months total came in at $344.29!!  which is an increase of 34% compared to last year! 

May Dividend Income:
Total: $344.29

Big positives from last year, I invested heavily into OHI, a purchase of AAPL and HCP.  Losses from GLP and  KMI offset some of the gains or else we really would have had a blowout month.

All told, there was an increase of $87.11 from last year!  Gotta love the growth!

Jump over to our dividend income page to see the increases month after month. There is also a nice chart on that page for all you visual learners out there. On that page, you can easily see dividend income investing at work which hopefully one day will be greater than our expenses and that's what we like to call The American Dividend Dream! Check out our complete portfolio here.

How was your May?


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