Friday, July 15, 2016

Dividend Income - June 2016 Update

Hi Everyone,

Quick update since I just gave you all the run down in the post 5 minutes ago...

Absolutely killed it!!!   This months total came in at $689.79!!  which is an increase of 46% compared to last year and a 17% increase compared to last quarter!

June Dividend Income:

Total: $689.79

Big positives from last year include new positions in:  BA, AMGN, PH, STAG, WBA, MMM, UNP.  Holy cow, that's alot!!

I also invested more into:  XOM, ADM, & DOV.

UA paid a special dividend to shareholders due to the C class shares and the 401K funds all increased their payouts from last year!

BOOM!  Almost $700 in one month.  Truly remarkable to see!  To think that All of our guaranteed monthly expenses are paid for, minus the mortgage is incredible.  No longer have to worry about Electric, Gas, Water, Phone, Internet, Car Insurance, and some of our food.  Fantastic.  Now, this is only 4 months out of the year right now but we are slowly creeping up there!

All told, there was an increase of $216.64 from last year, and $98.76 from last quarter!  Gotta love the growth!

Jump over to our dividend income page to see the increases month after month. There is also a nice chart on that page for all you visual learners out there. On that page, you can easily see dividend income investing at work which hopefully one day will be greater than our expenses and that's what we like to call The American Dividend Dream! Check out our complete portfolio here.

How was your June?



  1. That's serious money for a monthly total and as you stated can cover a lot of your bills. Congrats on keeping a healthy year over year growth too. It's always nice seeing that passive income grow. Lots of great names paying you in June and with all those new names you added your passive income stream is even more diversified. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for stopping by!

    I think the year over year growth will slow starting next year. Maxing out 401K's instead of putting money into taxable account and we don't have any extra "windfalls" - savings accounts to dump in the market. Love all the new names paying us... More paychecks!

  3. Wow, you did kill it. Fantastic YoY and quarterly increases. Keep up the good work.

  4. Awesome Job man. I just started my Dividend account this year and was happy with a month I gained 92$ Kee it up!