Saturday, December 9, 2017

Dividend Income November 2017 - My birthday & Spending $10,000

Hi Everyone,

With 2017 coming to a close quickly, its time for another dividend income post for November!  Short and sweet income statement this month because I only had two companies paying me, OHI and ABT.  A change from the previous quarter because I no longer have my Verizon position.  That was liquidated a while back to help pay for BIIB, CELG, LL and VHT. 

For those of you following along, it looks like the bleeding is done for CELG and BIIB has been holding steady as well.  Looking forward to them resuming their climb in the new future... fingers crossed!

Even though this month only had 2 paying companies, the total was quite large!

My OHI holding is butting right up close to 500 shares now...  at 495.69.  The payout in November provided another 11 shares so the next payout will put me over the 500 share mark!

My ABT holding is too small to sell (fees) and to be honest it is one of my better performing holdings so there is no reason to sell.

With all that being said, the totals are as follows:

OHI  $314.98

ABT  $4.04

Money Market:  $.16

Total:  $319.18

Since last quarter, OHI has fallen pretty significantly and unfortunately there are definite merits to this fall which scares me a bit.  Hopefully they will be able to weather the storm of tenants going bankrupt and not being able to pay them rent and stay with companies that are best of the best and slowly work their away from tenantss such as Orianna. 

At this time, there are no worries about OHI paying their dividend as they have a very comfortable safety margin, but should more tenants experience issues, this could be a problem in the future.  I will continue to monitor this situation over the next few quarters and make a decision on whether or not to cut and run or hold out.  For right now, picking up 10 shares more each quarter is a truly remarkable thing to watch.  I'm a bit in awe of the compounding nature of this holding. 

To give readers the full history, I bought my final tranche of OHI back in May of 2016.  In total, I have personally bought 428 shares of OHI.  I now have 495.  A difference of 67 shares.  In August 2016, I received $264 in dividends from OHI.  Through strictly reinvestment and OHI raising the dividend by a penny each quarter, I just received $314.  $50 more each quarter!! and it is only continuing to increase.  Like I said, I am a bit in awe.  Now lets just hope they can manage their tenants and the stock and dividend keep performing well.

As for new updates...   My birthday was yesterday, the 8th.  I told my wife I wanted absolutely nothing for my birthday and she did it!!!   So proud of her.  She was feeling a bit weird (as I'm sure most people would) not getting me anything as it was a pretty big birthday..   30...  but, getting me nothing was the best present I have received in a long time.  Just spending time with her and knowing that $50, 100, 250, etc was just saved on gifts was great!  Knowing that there was no stress trying to figure out what I wanted but didn't really need makes me feel happy.  We have so much stuff already, just give me time! 

What she does not know is that I spent $10,000 dollars yesterday!! hahaha

I bought 182 shares of Realty Income Corp.  at $55.15.  I missed the opening price $54.93 by .03..  had a bid at $54.90.  Oh well...   if this holding performs in the future like it has in the past, .25 is not going to make much of a difference.  This purchase adds $40 per month to my income!  All total, with reinvestment, I should earn more than $500 next year with this purchase. 

Talking about time..  $500 more a year is essentially one entire week of work I know longer have to perform.  Talk about a birthday gift! 

So, depending on the 401K payouts, I am looking to receive around $2,750 in dividends this year.  With another $500 from O next year, I am back up to around $3,250.  Moving back up finally!   $3,250 should pay for 1.5 months of all expenses.  With no mortgage, my wife and I are around the $2,000 mark each month for all expenses, including taxes/insurance on cars/house. For proof, my expenses spreadsheet has an average of $2,087 over the last 6 months.  To get below $2000 we only have to not eat out twice or combine more shopping/grocery trips so we fill the gas tanks up a little less.  Can't beat that!

I have a little bit more money to invest...  I wanted DPS and MO but I did not transfer money in time so I will look for them to pull back a bit after nearly a straight line up.

In other news...   how do you like the new google finance? 

Personally, I think it was a giant step backwards.  I wish they would have kept the recent stocks and chart page all on the same page.  It was so nice to click back and forth and not have to jump to a new page each time.  I also liked the way the charts were set up.  The rigidity (is that a word) of the chart was nice.  Now, they have moved it to look more like other finance pages and I don't like it. 

Thanks for reading!  Have a great Holiday Season.  Save money, Invest and Spend more TIME with family this year.



  1. ADD -

    NICE JOB and WOW, MASSIVE purchases you are making. Between OHI and O - those are massive positions producing massive dividends, holy crap is all I have to say.

    Also - For Google Finance, to get back to the old way, go to this website: and should work like a charm!


    1. Lanny, you are a life saver! I suppose I could have googled how to do that but just never thought to do it. Love the old google finance!

      Hopefully those two positions treat me well in the future because I have a lot of the portfolio wrapped up in those.

  2. That is sweet! No honey i dont want anything. Bam 10 grand invested! Pretty sweet with all those drips happening. I love when my stocks drip. Now we wait for the market to pull back and drip a couple more! Keep it up massive purchase man!

    1. A market pullback would be nice but at this point it is anyone's guess when that might happen. Its been a long long time since we had a meaningful pullback. Most likely once the rest of our money gets invested, the market will pullback. Seems to be my luck haha

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. Nice job mate. Awesome dividend stream. 10K spent well.

    1. Yes sir, cannot wait until the O position starts paying!


  4. Great update. Keep that ABT for as long as you can. It should continue to be a long term winner. OHI and seemingly all the health REITs are in a funk the last half of this year. Could be some good buying opps in HCP, LTC, HCN and the like. Happy birthday! You sound like me in not wanting anything for a Bday. Keep up the good work.

    1. I certainly will, no reason to sell that position. It will be interesting to see just how well that performs over the decades.

      I won't be buying any more health REIT's for the foreseeable future. I might not even buy any more REITs just because most of the portfolio is in those types of investments. Well.... maybe DLR haha.

      For my birthday, instead of buying a new snowblower which I use to do multiple driveways, since the one of have broke... I bought a $95 harbor freight engine and spent the weekend swapping it out! Instead of $500+ for a new snowblower, fixed it up for $100 (after parts) and already made some money doing driveways today! Can't beat it!

      Thanks for stopping by

  5. Excellent work and wow what a big buy. Good on you for making that decision. Keep up the excellent work!

    1. Thanks! I will certainly try my best. Looking forward to the much needed income.