Sunday, October 8, 2017

Dividend Income September 2017

Hi Everyone,

September is generally one of the months where investors receive a lot of dividend income.  Its really fun to read other bloggers and watch their year over year growth in the "big 4" months of the year.

Unfortunately for me, the "big 4" months are a little light in regards to income. The big reason is because I just do not have that many companies that pay in that month and the companies I do have are not big payers.

Just 4 sources of income this month:

Visa:  $17.50
Pepsi: $34.56
FTSE - Mutual Fund:  $94.92
Money Market:  $0.13

TOTAL:  $147.11

My FTSE holding is my only mutual fund from my 401K that pays out a dividend.  A bit disappointing that the other funds do not, but FTSE has been doing a fantastic job for me all around.  The growth and the income have been great this year.

The prediction last month about UVE came true.  Hopefully someone out there picked it up in the $15's!!!  It has rebounding nicely and the hurricane impact was much less than predicted originally.  Although for anyone in the Keys, and West Florida, hope everything is okay!

I did not have many portfolio changes this month.  Looking into the future, I would love for CELG and BIIB to explode higher.  PM, MO, DPS and O all look really attractive right now.  I'd love to squeeze a few more points out of CELG and BIIB before making a move.  The charts still look good for both of those companies and the overall IBB index is making moves higher.  With healthcare on the back burner in Washington and taxes on the minds of everyone, the healthcare industry might come roaring back.  With some good earnings reports and its a recipe for good things to come!

I hope everyone had a great September and I look forward to reading those big income totals!



  1. Very nice month ADD, despite it being a slower month for you. Are you going to add to your position in PM after their recent increase? What are your thought about the $.03/share each quarter dividend increase?


    1. Currently, I do not have a PM position. I sold out of it the first time it hit $110 about 8 months or so ago. I invested those funds into my CELG and BIIB positions that I currently have. That flip flop has worked out nicely. CELG and BIIB are up around $2,000 in paper gains and PM is back to around $110. However, I have missed two dividend payments in PM and if you add in tax implications, I'd have to probably buy it back around $100 to make up for those things. I think PM could meander back to the $100 level as long as 1. Pot does not get federally approved and 2. the M&A with MO rumors do not creep up again.

      As for the increase... More money is always a good thing! Personally I would have rather them raised 1 cent (since I do not own them) and pay down more debt, and save some money. They still do not have a buyback going on. I like stocks (and i think you do too) that increase dividends and buy back stock.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I'm surprised you don't own more companies that pay during this month. For me it's the easiest period to find great companies to invest in.

    1. Last September I had 33 different companies/income sources paying me. Like you, I paid off the mortgage and money has been tight recently - due to future cash uses & maxing out 401K's. There has not been much left over for taxable accounts unfortunately.

      I'll get some more companies paying me in the future! For now, things are tight, that's all.


  3. Very nicely done, keep those dividends coming in and you will win in the long run. Cheers

    1. That will be the plan in the future for sure!

  4. Big month or small month doesn't really matter as long as you can put up nice year over year gains and grow your passive income every year. This is a marathon and not a sprint. Keep up the good work.