Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Dividend Income July 2017

Hi Everyone,

Quick post on the income this past month.  Not much to write home about but here you are...

UVE:  $14.27

VHT:  $17.43

CSCO:  $87.00

Money Market:  $0.13

Total:  $118.93

In an attempt to maximize gains, most of the portfolio has been placed into healthcare right now.  As such, dividends will continue to trend down.  The only bright spot with regards to healthcare is VHT pays a dividend.

Overall, pretty happy with the performance of my portfolio right now.

Still no consistent purchasing into the account because my wife and I are maximizing 401Ks and a big surprise in the near future!

Stay tuned.

Hope your July went well.



  1. Being invested in health for the long term is not a bad goal. I'm also looking to boost my overall health sector holdings. Nice job with those dividends. Keep up the good work!

  2. Nice dividend income. Anything over $100 is awesome I think. Collecting money without working. I could get use to this ;-).

  3. Over $100 is great, keep it up. July was a record month for me thanks to some rental income. Keep it up ADD,