Sunday, March 26, 2017

Portfolio and Dividend Income Pages - Up to date

Quick post:

Just wanted all the readers out there to know that the Portfolio, 401K portfolio and Dividend Income pages are up to date!

You will notice the drastic changes from the August 2016 time frame to the current month. My wife and I paid off the mortgage and did some extensive remodeling to our home which put a pause on investments for a while.

The 401K did not suffer from these financial changes however.  The portfolio is being maxed out every paycheck which is why there has been such an increase.  In a couple months, I believe my wife and I will start back on the investing trail! We need to build up the emergency fund a little bit to make us feel comfortable and then investing will commence!

At the current time, we are looking at about $2,000 a year in dividend income.  This should theoretically pay for one month of expenses if we keep things under control. 

Basically, every dollar we save from this point forward is one step closer to retirement.  We do not owe anyone any money so there is no guessing from this point. 

We save money, We invest money, We retire...

Its as simple as that!



  1. Great deal, thanks for the update. You're 1/12 of the way there!..(which is much much much better than most people!)