Saturday, October 1, 2016

Dividend Income - August 2016 Update

Hi Everyone,

Way late on this post.  Too busy living life recently....  Sorry!

However, those big investments continue to roll in the huge payouts!   Augusts total came in at $529.65!!  which is an increase of 60% compared to last year$331 and a 54% increase compared to last quarters $345!

No chart this month as big changes have been made to the portfolio and we will get into those in future posts.

Jump over to our dividend income page to see the increases month after month. There is also a nice chart on that page for all you visual learners out there. On that page, you can easily see dividend income investing at work which hopefully one day will be greater than our expenses and that's what we like to call The American Dividend Dream! Check out our complete portfolio here.


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