Sunday, March 6, 2016

Dividend Income - February 2016 Update

Hi Everyone,

The 2nd month of 2016 is behind us, warmer weather and hopefully the promise of greater dividends is in the future!  It was a very quiet month in terms of purchases.

We ended up making just one purchase in February: RAI.  This purchase was just $2,000 but March is shaping up pretty nicely so far.  Total for the first two months of the year is about $6,000 invested.  I'm a little upset we missed out on OHI at $28.  I sold O to buy it and then it just took off too quick.  I missed it at $29 by just a few cents.  Instead, I've put capital to work in three other companies.  We will get to those in the future.

We want to thank all of you readers out there who have stopped by and congratulated us thus far.  You are the reason these posts keep coming out and continue to get better and better!

So with that being said, lets get down to the numbers.

This month was pretty good with regards to our year over year increase.  This months total came in at just $344.57 which was an increase of  decrease of 27% compared to last year and -17% compared to last quarter

The increase yoy was a result from investing into AAPL, OHI and HCP.  The decrease qoq was due to KMI and GLP dividend cuts.  Both came in at a 75% cut.

February Dividend Income:

Total: $344.57

Our organic/compound growth income of OHI is becoming pretty good with $3.20 over the previous quarter. At 3.5% yield, that is like having an extra $91 invested!

Jump over to our dividend income page to see the increases month after month. There is also a nice chart on that page for all you visual learners out there. On that page, you can easily see dividend income investing at work which hopefully one day will be greater than our expenses and that's what we like to call The American Dividend Dream! Check out our complete portfolio here.

How was your February?



  1. Great total for the month of February. I see just a couple names in common paying us in February which is cool. No need to fret too much about KMI. It's part of the game we play. Cuts are inevitable. All you can do is minimize the damage by being diversified and sticking to the "boring" dividend growers instead of high yielding companies. Bottom line, a cut can happen to any company which is why we hold several dozen names.

    1. "A cut can happen to any company which is why we hold several dozen" Very good point there DivHut. The KMI cut hurts, but I still like the future with them since they are still the biggest pipeline company in the US. Not to mention, I still had growth! As long as the portfolio is growing dividends, I'm happy!

  2. American,

    Good to see your YOY growth but said for your quarter (KMI bit a lot of people this past month!). Keep doing what you're doing and the snowball will roll forever forward. Just remember what we all set out to do and keep your head pointed down like a rhino charging ahead. Cheers!

    -Dividend Monster

    1. We are certainly giving it our best shot! KMI was a disappointment but we are still looking pretty good overall. Still putting capital to work and still collecting ever increasing dividends.