Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Recent Buys - UA, UNP & AAPL

Hi Everyone,

The month of January got away from me a little bit so this post is well overdue.  I did not expect to invest nearly this much money the past month but my wife and I did well on expenses in December  and used significant credit card points to keep the expenses down in January!  Come to think of it, I don't even think I told my wife what I bought!  Surprise babe...  we spent $4,000 last month :)

So I'll keep this quick:

On 1/4/2016:  We bought 12 shares of UNP at $79.00 per share - $950 total

On 1/4/2016:  We bought 13 shares of UA at $79.25 per share - $1,037 total

On 1/21/2016:  We bought 15 shares of UA at $68.65 per share - $1,036 total

On 2/1/2016:  We bought 10 shares of AAPL at $96.00 per share - $970 total

Total new dividends from these purchases stands at just $47.20 per year.  Definitely does not have the wow factor like buying REIT's or Telecom's but I'm hopeful that UA (down significantly from the all time high) will become the next NKE, UNP has been beaten down hard and the same can be said for AAPL.

With a substantial time frame to let compounding and growth continue, I believe above average dividend increases from UNP and AAPL plus a potential dividend initiation in UA will propel our dividends greatly in the future.

As more capital becomes available, UNP and AAPL are on the list to average down on if they continue to stay depressed.

So there you have it, the next couple building blocks on the path to the American Dividend Dream!  What do you think, good purchases, bad purchases?  What are you looking to buy next?



  1. I don't own any of those names you just bought but have seen UNP pop up a lot in recent weeks. Seems like low oil brought down many solid rail companies with it. Keep finding that sustainable yield. Thanks for sharing.

    1. That surprises me a bit DH. UNP and AAPL are quite popular. UA will probably not be found in this community though as it does not fit into the dividend growth model. I'm okay with that because of the big things they are doing with their company. The CEO looks like a winner... of course the same thing was said about Richard Kinder lol.

      I thought it was a nice place to start a position in UNP. I'll look to add more if it stays low or goes lower.

      Thanks for stopping by!